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Bio-Safe® Skin Products Inc. is very pleased to announce the results of a study conducted on its Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ lotion which shows the product to have a significant impact on nosocomial MRSA. Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ lotion is a patented antibacterial lotion, approved as a non-perscription drug by Health Canada, registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and with the USFDA.


With the continuous increase in MRSA infections being reported across the country, and the unfortunate deaths caused by this highly contagious disease, the results of the study are timely, and good news for patients, administrators, infection control officers, and nursing staff.


The double-blind controlled study was conducted on two 34-bed medical units at Grand River Hospital, a community acute care hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. The study was reviewed and approved by the hospital's research ethics committee. Over 1000 patients and 100 staff took part in the project which was carried out between December 2000 and June 2001.


The Results:

  • Random hand cultures of staff, taken over the duration of the study showed significantly higher bacterial counts on the unit utilizing the control lotion.
  • Twelve patients out of 1095 developed nosocomial MRSA. Only one patient on the unit using Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ study lotion was affected before entering the ward. No other patient was contaminated within the two weeks before the MRSA case was discovered on the Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ ward.
  • Patients on the unit using the control lotion were 9.3 times more likely to develop MRSA.
  • Other results showed age and gender were not a factor, and there was no significant difference in the MRSA reservoir between the units.
  • Through proper application, symptoms of staff dermatitis were reduced.

The main conclusion of the study was that this product may have a significant impact on nosocomial MRSA. For a copy of the study and further Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ product information, including cost saving factors which can be employed as a result of this study, please contact our office.


Antibacterial polymer skin shield: Superior performance


The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the regular use of an antibacterial polymer lotion resulted in improved hand hygiene, reductions in both nosocomial MRSA transmission and hand dermatitis.


Lotion dispensers were installed on each of two, thirty-four bed medical units. One unit had dispensers containing the antibacterial Bio-Safe® Skin Shield™ polymer lotion while the other medical unit received lotion that was physically indistinguishable. All clinical staff on the two units received training regarding use of the barrier lotion and review of appropriate glove use. Education sessions were again proveded at two, four and six months.


Microbiological analysis of hand cultures obtained at the same time were also conducted. MRSA surveillance continued as per hospital protocol. At baseline, two, four, and six months, the hands of all clinical staff working on pred-designated dates were visually assessed for symptoms of dermatitis. In addition, a subjective, previously validated written survey was also administered.


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